This website is operated by David DeRemus (DeRemus Photography) and has been created to promote and connect DeRemus Photography with potential and existing clients.

I treat your privacy in the same regard as I would expect mine to be treated.

If you choose to contact DeRemus Photography via email, we do not sell, lend, rent, lease, or otherwise give anyone or any other business access to your email address or any other information you might share. Period.

Your email address or other contact information will only be used to answer whatever questions you might have directed to us, or otherwise communicate with you regarding your photography needs.  If you decide to not engage in business with DeRemus Photography, your contact info is not saved.

Credit card usage: If you become a client or customer and you use a credit card as your method of payment, once the transition has cleared, we do not keep a digital or physical record of you credit card information other than your name, the date of transaction, the amount paid and the last four digits of your card number. Additionally, DeRemus Photography is PCI compliant.

Regarding cookies: Cookies are needed to make this website viewable on your computer or mobile device. We do not collect any personal information other than statistical info such as the general area the search request came from, the search engine used, the search words used, and the type of browser. We do not include or allow any third party cookies in our website.

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