Actors Artists Celebrities Models

  • film, stage and TV actress Molly Hagan
  • Actors Artists Celebrities Models
  • TV film star Melanie Mayron | photographed for Tree People
  • Actors Artists Celebrities Models
  • actors models entertainers
  • actress model Lisa Saxton in black and white
  • classic black and white
  • African-American male model with coat draped over shoulder
  • Actors Artists Celebrities Models
  • Actors Artists Celebrities Models
  • Russian pop star singer-songwriter Marina-V
  • young female model commercial look headshot
  • young with the beauty of youth model headshot
  • young model portfolio image serious look
  • teen model commercial portfolio image
  • Actors Artists Celebrities Models
  • Asian American singer-songwriter entrepreneur
  • Rachel Robbins actors models entertainers
  • rock and roller with attitude on train tracks
  • rock drummer publicity and submissions photo
  • Jun Bustamante St Petersburg live performance
  • backlit model
  • actress model Rachel Mullins implied nude
  • senual bodywork model Rachel Mullins
  • sexy dancer with nice legs
  • Actors Artists Celebrities Models
  • the James Dean dramatic look
  • Molly Hagan film and TV star
  • celebrity actress photo on a bench


Actors Artists Celebrities Models


Portraits, headshots and bodywork for actors, artists, celebrities, models and entertainers created for usage for web, promotional, marketing, casting submissions and portfolios. Sessions can include images sized, compressed, and optimized for web viewing.

I also offer in-house full service retouching and graphics at competitive pricing.

All images are captured in color. Images are converted to black-and-white on request.

You don’t have to be famous to look like you are.

DeRemus Photography offers on-location photography service to the Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, the beach cities and Sarasota FL areas.

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