Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography | The Interior Scenes


A recent residential real estate photography session in the Pasadena Lakes Neighborhood, just minutes away from downtown St. Petersburg.

This home was nicely staged with furniture and decor which made it more interesting to photograph.

real estate photography balancing the interior and exterior light
interior real estate photography in the Pasadena Lakes neighborhood

My client requested that I show the spacious feeling of this ranch style home and additionally show the abundance of natural light in the house and also feature the large, lush yard.

Balancing the interior and exterior light was critical.

alternate view of dining area and living room
real estate photography view of dining area view

To achieve the most pleasing feel and natural looking light, I mixed the natural window light filtering into the house through the windows, with the much brighter exterior light, a few lamps and ceiling lights found throughout the house to help create that lived-in look and, to tie it all together, I used strobe and LED lights very selectively and strategically placed.

reverse view from the dining table

As you see, I photograph multiple angles and differing views of most of the rooms. I do this to further enhance a viewer’s perspective of being in the house.

Enough said for the time being. Please continue viewing the other rooms and exterior of this residence below.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please email or call.

For an expanded list of areas I offer photography service to, click here.

alternate view of living area from another room
view of another living space with a view into the other living room and yard
kitchen appliances alternate view
living area facing the front of the house
kitchen pantry, side-by-side, cabinets
kitchen appliances and cabinets
entry hallway view one, real estate photography, St Petersburg
master bedroom view one
second bedroom or large office
entry hallway reverse view, real estate photography, St Petersburg
master bedroom view two
second bedroom or large office reverse view
third bedroom or office
Real Estate Photography | The Exterior Views
real estate residential photo exterior front full view
exterior street view with circular drive west view
exterior front street view
exterior street view with circular drive east view
front view from grassy area between circular drive and street
two car garage with room for storage or work space
back of house deep back yard and tree, residential real estate photography
back of house viewed from back corner of the yard
rear driveway to two car garage
back of house and large back yard
alternate view of back yard and house

On-Site Photography For Business

On-Site Photography For Business


This session of on-site photography was done for Cindy Scifres, LMT, CPT, and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, whose healing arts business is located in St. Petersburg. Images were created for a website update.

Behind the scenes, before and after images can be viewed below.

There are many advantages of doing on-site photography for business, especially when you are needing to show examples of what you do, your environment, or to avoid having to break down equipment and have it moved and set up in a studio.

On-site business photography can have issues that have to be dealt with, space usually being the predominate one.

For example, while this room had more than adequate space for neuromuscular therapist Cindy Scifres to perform her treatments, it was somewhat confined for use as a photography studio. In spite of that, by using the proper techniques, skills, equipment, attitude, and preparation, we successfully made the conversion to a photo studio work.

To get information about my on-site photography for your business, contact David at DeRemus Photography.

To see more of my commercial work, including other examples of my on-site business photography, please visit my Advertising | Marketing Gallery.



LMT working on a patient in her place of business

pain-relief-therapy on-site photo session

massage-therapy-practitioner working on client

massage-therapist business photography at her work place

neuromuscular-therapy photographed at practitioner's studio

On-Site Photography – Transforming Your Work-Space


The before and after images, show below, reveals the full view of the room to illustrate the transformation from a dedicated “work-space” to a temporary photography studio to create her on-site business portraits. While this room had more than adequate space (as well as a great feel) for neuromuscular therapist Cindy Scifres to perform her therapy, it was somewhat confined for use as a photography studio. In spite of that, by using the proper techniques, skills, equipment, and attitude, we successfully made the conversion to a photo studio work.

Edward Berge Bronze Sculpture | Maiden With Fawn

An (Edward Berge) Treasure In The Garden

I was recently contracted to photograph this bronze sculpture by Edward Berge, entitled Maiden With Fawn. This sculpture had been sitting in someone’s garden somewhere in Tampa for what appears to have been a considerable length of time. The prolonged exposure to the Tampa Bay’s heat, humidity and rain have taken an obvious toll. Yet in spite of it’s distressed condition or perhaps as a result of it she, the Maiden, has a surreal-life-like quality. This is most evident in the facial expressions and hands. (scroll down for images)

Edward Berge bronze sculpture Maiden with Fawn

The Sculptor Edward Berge

Edward Berge (1876–1924) was a Baltimore, Maryland sculptor known for his bronze monumental works and figures. He studied at the Maryland Institute and the Rinehart School in Baltimore and the Academie Julian in Paris. Edward Berge mainly worked in marble and bronze and completed many monuments, portrait busts and relief sculptures. Many of which are on display outdoors or in public buildings in Baltimore City.

The “Maiden With Fawn”

This specific sculpture of the Maiden With Fawn, was cast in 1939 after Edward Berge’s passing.  The sculptor Perna Krick’s (1909-1991) name is also engraved on the base, it is thought to have been cast under her guidance. It was cast at the Roman Bronze Works foundry.

The Roman Bronze Works Foundry

The Roman Bronze Works foundry was established in New York City in 1897 by Riccardo Bertelli. It is now operated as the Roman Bronze Studios. It was the first American foundry to specialize in the lost-wax casting method and was the country’s pre-eminent art foundry during the American Renaissance (ca. 1876-1917). The Maiden With Fawn was one of many sculptures of Edward Berge that were cast there.

product photography of a Berge sculpturecommercial photography productfull length portrait of Edward Berge Maiden With Fawn

Commercial product photography can be done at your place of business or even your home.

Session Details

This sculpture was photographed “on-location”. On-location meaning being in my client’s home in Clearwater, FL.

A greenscreen backdrop was used on part of the session then knocked out in post production. There was also photo documentation of the foundry stamp, the engraved copyright notice and other engraved information that were essential to verify authenticity and to determine the sculpture’s net worth.

My equipment list for this session: Nikon D2x and D7100; Nikon lens 28-70 2.8, 105 DC f2, 80-200 2.8; lighting was a mix of 2 Norman strobes (1 each 200C and 400B) mixed with ambient light. The strobes were set up as bare bulb, with an umbrella or a softbox.

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