DeRemus Photography offers onsite video for small business, corporations and individuals. We specialize in short branding, marketing and advertising videos.

Video content is the new medium for marketing for small business. It is also the fastest growing method of marketing and advertising. This is true in the USA and globally. Here are a few statistics to explain it rapid growth.

One 60 second video is worth 1.8 million words. (source – Forrester Research)

By adding a video to your web site landing page you are 53 times more likely of coming up on the first page of a Goggle search. This is assuming your site has been optimized properly. (source – Forrester Research)

And speaking of a front page advantage, including a video on your landing can increase your conversion by 80%. (source – Hyperfine Media)

Goggle sites had 163.33 unique online video viewers during April 2016. Facebook placed second at 77.04 million and Yahoo had 58.6. The remaining seven of the top ten had 243 million split between them. (source: Statista)

YouTube reports a 100% annual increase in mobile video consumption. (source – Hyperfine Media)

 The market for online videos is 45.4%. (source – ComScore)

A video included in an email leads to a 200% – 300% increase in click-thru rates. (source – Hyperfine Media)

YouTube has become the second largest search engine. (source – Etail Insights)

Viewers stay 2 minutes longer if you have video content. (source – ComScore)

At DeRemus Photography we offer DSLR high-definition onsite video production created at your place of business, home or exterior setting. Our videos are compressed and optimized to load quickly which allows web usage while maintaining a high quality video and audio.

Now is the time to add video content to your web site main pages to increase search results and up your conversion rate. 

Take advantage of our great quality video, audio and editing services which are currently being offered at affordable rates.

Client: Douglas Bonar | A Center For Wellness | Pinellas Park | St. Petersburg

Project: Business-To-Business marketing video for website non-home-page usage.

Location: Client’s office in a 12.5′ x 13′ conference room

Recorded in High Definition video (1920 × 1080)

Optimized, compressed and converted for viewing on the web.

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